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Responsive Web Design

Get connected with a new webpage and google app combination promoting your business or church outreach.

Google Analytics Professional Installation

Hanner Communications

Getting Found!

Measurement is the key to tracking your growth using Google Analytics. To drive growth you will need to implement superb analytics for your website installation. If you already have it and it is installed correctly there is little need for a webmaster or web designer support.

Many of our customers have asked for an easy and affordable option to grow their business online. our package includes everything and our advanced technology ensures every dollar you spend on your website is invested where it will have the most impact.

Let us automatically grow your

Digital Footprint every month

Local Google Mapping

Local Google mapping

Your local business listing in combination with Google and Bing maps is the most important piece of your growth strategy. It’s been said that close to 70% of all new business is derived from an unknown customer with a smartphone or tablet doing a simple search for goods and services and following directions.

Website Design

Microsoft Access Programming

Got an old or outdated website? A lot of things can contribute to a bad website presentation including slow-loading webpages, old or misinformation, or maybe just a good facelift that shows well on mobile or desktop is needed. Generally, we’ll be able to add about 5 to 10 points to your overall speed score and give your users a better experience.

Hanner Communications

The Ideal customer for us are small to medium size businesses who have a real need to simplify and grow their business by optimizing their data processing between departments, one one hand while reaching new customers. If needed we write the Microsoft Access program that simplifies their departmental data entry and reporting processes critical for management to make informed decisions. 

Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing

We also work with small business to enlarge their digital footprint. First, through our local digital marketing, “Get Found” campaign. This is generally followed by reaching out via the internet to establishing their website and social media presence. We are dedicated to your success!

Technical Support

Office Automation

Our knowledgeable technical support staff stands ready to assist you with any questions regarding, installation, and operation the latest internet technology. Our office automation includes extension dialing with automated attendant, that cuts your phone bill in half.

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